Curtin University Western Australia Fake Nobel Laureate

Curtin University Western Australia Fake Nobel Laureate

Do these people have no shame.
I spotted a blog post the other day about Curtin University and their very own Nobel Laureate.

"Nobel Peace Prize co-recipient Professor Richard Warrick is a part of the IIAFS"
Which was here
Another page was In 2007, Professor Warrick’s contributions to the IPCC Assessments were recognised through sharing the Nobel Peace Prize with former American Vice-President Al Gore and other selected IPCC authors 

Both statements are of course 100% bullshit.
The professor actually received a thank you certificate from the IPCC for his contribution to their latest talkfest which earned them and Al Gore a Nobel Prize.
But in "green world" a thank you certificate, which was awarded to possibly hundreds of people is a "nobel prize".
Click on the photos for high resolution.
I wrote to virtually everyone of the University`s media managers, their complainst department, the one bothered to respond.
I then blitzed the media/the ombudsman etc..and the University has now slyly edited the screen captured pages below.
No apologises, nothing.
The term used to be Noble Cause it should be.. 
Nobel Caused Corruption..and $$$ explains everything.

They have corrected the pages.Click photo below.

Not because it was a pack of lies mind you and they were caught out.
It was because they "considered my views"..
Yeah right..

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